L & S Goodie Bags

We make the goodie bags so you don't have to.

Custom Goodie Bag Creations

We are making and selling custom goodie bags. You know the little party favors you give away at the end of an event or celebration? We are the experts in designing and packaging those special treats. We have a variety of themes for you to choose from, or you can choose your own! Whether you are celebrating a 3 year old's birthday, hosting a wedding. planning a festive holiday party or looking for a classroom treat - whatever kind of goodie bag you can think of, we can make it.

Email: lsgoodiebags@gmail.com

Text or call: 857 540 9103

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How it works.

1 You tell us about your event and select a theme you can do that here . Tell us any special requests you mite want.

2 We make 5-50 goodie bags so if you need more than that, just call us. Make a order 5-10 days before The party/event. Again you make that order here .

3 We buy the stuff to go into the goodie bags so if you have a Idea or special request( like I said you can email us text or call) . Fill out are survey it takes two minutes of your time.

Goodie Bag Theme Ideas

  • Pretty Princess Party

  • Dinosaurs

  • Dump Truck

  • Baking Bag

  • Fashion show

  • Beach Bag

  • Sports Bag

  • Slumber Party

  • Magic bag

  • Rainbow party

  • Wedding

  • Art bag

  • 80's Party

  • paw patrol

Goodie Bag Portfolio


Silly Superhero bag

Pretty Princess bag

Rock'in rainbow bag

About Us

Hi I am Sienna I am the girl with the blond hair and braids, I love arts and crafts and enjoy playing soccer. This is one of my best friends named Lily with the straight brown hair She enjoys swimming jumping on the trampoline and hanging out with friends. We have been doing zoom school as almost everyone knows. But during it we have been making goodie bags for our class, it is really fun so out of thin air Lily had a idea "what if we made a goodie bag company." and so that is how it all started.

Covid-19..... We will wear mask's when we deliver. We would most appreciate if you wore a mask too.